Monday, July 14, 2014

Juce are burning up on new song, Burning Up

Juce, as you can see from this gloriously awkward photo, are not your typical girlband. You certainly can't imagine Louis Walsh or Lou Pearlman picking them out of a line-up and declaring: "Gentlemen, I have found the next Saturdays! With their glossy magazine smiles, my music industry contacts and this massive printing press, we'll have a licence to make money!"

But that's exactly why they're so cool. Combining the insouciance of Keisha Sugababe with the chunky R&B grooves of good-era Janet Jackson, they play their own instruments, write about living in London and are generally a gale-force breath of fresh air.

Recently signed to Island Records, Cherish + Chalin + Georgia uploaded the "it's hot outside" summer jam Burning Up to Soundcloud late last week. "My city is burning up, burning up / Burning like the summer sun," they sing, sounding like they're strapping on roller-skates as they go.

The band say it's "not a proper single" but it'd be stupid to wait and release it in October. Have a click (or, if you're reading this on a mobile, a jab of the finger) - then add it to your beachtime playlist at the next available opportunity.

"FYI" That photo at the top comes from the video to the band's previous single, (H)ours. It's definitely... erm, a unique concept.

Juce - (H)ours

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