Friday, June 20, 2014

Songs you may have missed: Time pressure edition

Hey there... I'm knee-deep in Glastonbury preparations right now. Interviews to transcribe, features to write, schedules to be finalised, wellies to be de-stinkified. So this week's "songs you may have missed" column comes with the bare minimum of commentary. 

But that's not to say I don't have some corking tunes to embed. So here they are:

1) The one where Alt-J sample Miley Cyrus
Not as bad as it sounds.

2) The one where OK Go play tricks with perspective
If only they wrote songs as well as they made music videos.

3) The one where Coldplay pretend to be buskers while clearly miming to a backing track
Try to watch this without cringing.

4) The one where Sinead O'Connor sounds reinvigorated
Unexpectedly brilliant.

5) The one where Duke Dumont hopes to score a third successive number one
He's got more bangers than a butcher.

6) The one with Beth Ditto and some Belgian guy
Key lyric: "I'm over-thinking everything. I'm drinking everything."

7) The one where Tove Lo makes her US TV debut
Bare of foot, husky of voice, tousled of hair. I love her.

8) The one by an artist called "Potato Potato"
Clicked on it for the name, stayed for the song.

9) The one with Jess Glynne in the back of a pick-up truck
She's lucky she didn't break her neck.

10) The one with Lana Del Rey and an awesome guitar solo
One of the six good songs on Lana's new album.

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