Friday, June 13, 2014

Listen: The New Sins - Lights Down

Memory's a funny thing. I'm word-perfect on all three verses of Boom! Shake The Room, I know every line of Abba's atrocious When I Kissed The Teacher, I can even make a fair stab at Falco's Rock Me Amadeus, despite never having learnt a word of German. But the lyrics to any song released this century? Forget about it.

Lana Del Rey's Video Games sits at the top of my "most-played" in iTunes - I couldn't even tell you the first line. At a stretch, I might be able to sing "it's you, it's you, it's all for you" at the appropriate moment. The rest of the chorus is a mystery. Maybe my mind ran out of room after The Spice Girls. More likely, it shut down in protest.

Anyway, this is a long-winded way of introducing a song that has one solitary lyric: "Me and you / In the club / With the lights down / Down, down, down". It's generic and repetitive, to the point where even I can commit it to the memory bank. And, thankfully, it comes attached to a GIANT summer dance anthem.

The track is called Lights Down, and its by The New Sins - a band formed Lou Hayter, erstwhile keyboard player of punk-dance-electropop "crew" the New Young Pony Club. Heavy on the bass, it's a late-night club track that recalls Felix Da Housecat and Miss Kittin at their glitziest. It also steals a trick from Fatboy Slim and Lil Louis' big book of dancefloor dynamics. You'll see what I mean at the 2 minute mark.

It premiered on Nemone's 6 Music show last month - and she promised it would be out this month. All the band's website can say is an enigmatic "coming soon" - but if you frequent the dance tent at any summer festivals, you'll not be able to escape it.

PS: It sounds even better on the official New Sins Soundcloud page (click here) but sadly you can't embed that right now.

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