Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big song: Broods - Mother & Father

New Zealand's Broods, who impressed us so much with their Bridges EP last year, are back with a rather spiffing new single.

Mother and Father is all about cutting parental ties and stepping into the big bad world on your own (after your first record turns you into an internet buzz band, travelling the planet, and playing your music to thousands of people).

I spoke to the band yesterday (for a piece that's going up on the BBC later this year) and singer Georgia Nott explained: "Mother and Father is basically me trying to adjust to leaving home. It's like a list of things I was afraid of.

"I sing 'I don't want to wake up lonely, I don't want to just be fine'. Leaving home was really hard for me, because I'd just finished school and I was so not ready to face the world.

"The first time my mum heard it, she cried."

Produced by Joel Little, who was a key part of Lorde's success last year, Mother and Father is the first official single from Broods' as-yet-untitled debut album. Joel tweeted on Friday that he was finalising the mixes for the record, so we shouldn't have too long to wait.

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