Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Arctic Monkeys sense of humour failure

There's a charmingly goofy new Arctic Monkeys video on the internet. The clip, for Snap Out Of It, pokes fun at Alex Turner's "sexpot" image, with actress Stephanie Sigman (that's her above) in floods of tears, smooching pictures of Alex on her TV and hungrily devouring a steak.

Over on YouTube, though, everyone has missed the point spectacularly.

"She's sexy but I don't get it. Why she sad? Why is she swimming?" asks a perplexed Vincent Peralta.

"I think the steak is the symbol for the carnal desires she feels for Alex," says contanns. This scene is interpreted differently by Estevan Candel, who writes: "In the video, Alex is dead. We notice that by the steak, which represents death."


It gets worse, though.

"More gratuitous, self-aggrandizing tripe from the ego of the century," grumps, arrloid, who is not alone in feeling Alex's ego has run rampant like a feral donkey.

"His confidence is sexy but this is a bit much," writes Anna Farid. "The only thing bigger than his ego," concludes FSAfykm, "is his nose".

Other posters are unable to differentiate between pale English fashionista Alexa Chung and a slender, cheekboned Mexican actress. "Girl in video = Alexa Chung," declares John Rains. "This is Alex mourning over Alexa," concurs Casey Reid. "I immediately thought of Alexa´╗┐," adds Linda N. Why anyone would make a video raking over the coals of a three-year-old relationship is never questioned.

But my personal favourite reaction comes from Suzy N, who asks: "In all seriousness, where is her bra from????´╗┐"

Watch for yourself below. It's really not that confusing.

Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It

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