Thursday, May 29, 2014

The seven best bits of the new Nicole Scherzinger single, Your Love

This is something of an unexpected delight. Produced The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, Nicole Scherzinger's new single Your Love is a bona fide earworm, in the J-Lo-does-a-summer-anthem mould.

Like all good pop singles, it has a smattering of memorable moments. Here's s selection of the seven stand-outs:

7) Rhymes "enticing" with "Michael Tyson"

6) "I need you in the daytime, especially in the night-time" (???)

5) Minimalist spanish guitar outro - precision engineered for a big dance moment in the video

4) "When we hugging, MC Hammer: Girls can't touch this - I got everything they don't" (??? x2)

3) Wooh. A-woo doo doo do-dooo

2) Woo doo doo do-do-do-doooo

1) A-woo doo doo d-d-doo

It's out on 13 July, which is aaaaages away.

Your Love is the first song from Nicole's new album, of which she recently said: "It's a very personal album for me. It is a reflection of the woman I am, the woman I am not, and the woman I want to be." (Translation: "It's an album about me").

She shot the video while wearing her undergarments on a beach in Malibu last month. You can witness the excitement on her Instagram page.

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