Thursday, May 15, 2014

The debut single from Jess Glynne is now on the internet

Jess Glynne has already scored two number one singles this year, thanks to her guest spots on Clean Bandit's Rather Be, and Route 94's My Love (where, if I'm not mistaken, her voice has been pitched down).

If you like those songs, you'll like Right Here too. It continues 2014's astonishing deep house revival, adding a smidgen of swirly brass over Glynne's sumptuous, soulful vocals.

If I had a criticism, it's that the Gorgon City-produced track doesn't have the immediacy of her earlier collaborations. Even so, Right Here will sound gorgeous as you lie on your back and watch the clouds roll past during this weekend's heatwave.

According to her official biog, Jessica Hannah Glynne was inspired to sing after her parents saw Amy Winehouse perform at a branch of Pizza Express, of all places.

They brought back a signed copy of Winehouse's debut CD Frank which had "a profoundly immediate effect on me," Jess says.

"I'd always loved the big pop vocals of Mariah, Beyonce and Whitney, but hearing a woman's voice that was basically a jazz vocal, so full of individuality? Then realising she was British and still a teenager? That was the moment I knew I wanted to be as singer too."

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