Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Avril Lavigne video is utterly bonkers

"Anyone who takes himself too seriously runs the risk of looking ridiculous;
anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not
I'm not suggesting Avril Lavigne has been studying the political essays of late Czech President Vaclav Havel, but she's certainly reached the same conclusion. After years of playing the stroppy, angsty teenager with ever-decreasing credibility, she's started having a bit of fun with her image. (Ironically, this seems to have coincided with her marriage to meat-and-two-veg rock bore Chad Kroeger).

Last summer, Avril released a video called Rock And Roll which was nuttier than a nut loaf spread with peanut butter by Charles Schulz. Now, she's back with a song called Hello Kitty which, quite frankly, suggests her brain has bolted the paddock and left the gate open.

Clearly targetted at the lucrative Japanese market - where Avril is still a major draw - it's a balls-out, hundred carat pop song that's apparently based on the combined back catalogues of Shampoo and Psy.

I'm not suggesting it carries any particular artistic merit, but it is delightfully, joyously deranged - with lyrical flourishes including: "Let's have a slumber party, like a fat kid on a pack of smarties. Someone chuck a cupcake at me." (???)

Video below.

Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty

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