Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sky Ferreira: I Blame Myself

Despite 94 aborted albums and a career-threatening drug bust, Sky Ferreira is a very good pop star. Her music sounds, as one critic put it, like its been dragged through a hedge backwards. But what a hedge, readers. What. A. Hedge.

Her album Night Time, My Time is dirty and catchy and complex and scuzzy - full of electric guitars and the sort of "I don't give a fuck" attitude that Rihanna pretends to have, while simultaneously recording incredibly mainstream pop records with Calvin Harris. Night Time is by no means perfect, but that increasingly seems like Sky Ferreira's USP.

The standout song is I Blame Myself - a minimal electro track that sees Sky take responsibility for all of her bad habits. "I blame myself for my reputation," she sings, although you're never entirely certain she means it.

The video doesn't clear things up, but it's a damn fine watch. A hat-tip to The Wire and the gangsta rap videos of the 90s, it also features some whip-cracking choreography and (George Michael alert!) a parody of her arrest. Meanwhile, she looks like a young Madonna dressed as Chrissie Hynde singing a Debbie Harry song. Those are some big shoes but on Sky Ferreira they're a snug fit.

You have to watch it on this website until Friday morning. I'll update the blog as soon as the embargo lifts. Until then, here's a rubbish 15 second teaser.

PS: Some people have accused Sky of being racist because all the dancers in this video are black (???). In response, she posted a furious status update Facebook - it's a great read.

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