Monday, April 14, 2014

OneRepublic have a hit on their hands

Love Runs Out, the new single from OneRepublic is a great big swampy gospel stomp with handclaps like thunderbolts.
When I spoke to Ryan Tedder [clang!] last month, he told me he'd laboured over this song for several months:

Love Runs Out was originally going to be the first single on our album (Native, released March last year) but I couldn't crack the chorus. It gutted me because I had it marked on the board as "first single" for six months. Brent Kutzle, who is the cello and bass player in the band, said: "Man, we cannot put this out with an A+ verse and a B+ chorus."

It was completely crushing my ego but I was like: "He's right." The verse was an A and everything else was an A but the chorus was a B. So we tabled it.

A year later, with the whole song elevated to A+ status, Love Runs Out is being added to a repackaged version of Native. It's out today if you're in "the rest of the world" or at an unspecified future date in the unloved, rain-soaked British Isles.

But as good as the song is (and it is very good indeed), can you imagine how much better it would be with Adele belting out the vocals? It would be number one for the rest of the century.

Oh, and you can read my full interview with Mr Tedder on the BBC.

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