Thursday, April 24, 2014

Allow us to intro-Juce ourselves

I'm a bit late on this, but here's a new London three-piece, who release their debut single this week, and who've just got themselves added to Radio 1's Introducing playlist. So now is as good a time as any to write about them.

Juce (for that is their name) are Georgia, Chalin and Cherish, an R&B girl band from London. Their debut single, Call Me Out, hit 'the blogs' in February, and 'the blogs' instantly branded them "Britain's answer to Haim". I can see the similarity, but those chunky drum loops and descending vocal melodies remind me much more strongly of All Saints. (That's 'I Know Where It's At' All Saints, not 'Chick Fit' All Saints - which is a relief).

Here's the video, which tips its hat to TLC's Creep: "Watch us running around being tits in silky pyjamas!" the band declare.

Juce - Call You Out

Call You Out was produced by Dan Carey, who owns the Speedy Wunderground label. He then invited them to make a follow-up, abiding by the label's "24-hour" mantra - meaning Braindead was recorded and mastered in a single day with no further embellishments or production trickery allowed.

It's a subtler, more adventurous song - the hooks hiding in the spaces created by a cavernous reverb. If anything, it suggests Juce are capable of outgrowing the "girl band" tag very quickly. Ones to watch, then.

Like what you hear? Call Me Out went onto iTunes this week, while Braindead is available as limited edition vinyl from the Speedy Wunderground site.

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