Monday, April 28, 2014

Again and again and again

Royksopp and Robyn have commissioned a lyric video for their not-at-all-bad and definitely-forthcoming new single Do It Again.

Spurred into action, a man with the improbable name of Kacper came round and took some photos of them. Kacper sent the photos to a different man with the equally improbably name Graham Smith, who typed out the song's lyrics on his laptop and animated them by navigating the buttons and menus on Adobe After Effects. Once the video was finished, he delivered it via a download link to the label, who held a meeting about it in a big glass room, then passed it on to Royksopp and Robyn to "sign off". Once everyone was happy, they bunged it onto YouTube, along with this explanatory note:

"We're just about to shoot a full video for "Do It Again". Awaiting it's completion, the most impatient souls out there can spend the meantime losing themselves in this mesmerizing black&white hypno-bonanza - and even sing along should they so desire... B+B*"


Modern life, eh?

Royksopp and Robyn - Do It Again

* B+B are Royksopp's Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, fact fans

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