Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A brief pop blitz

Not to bother you with "real world problems" but work has been unbelievably hectic today, and I'm just hurtling out the door out to watch Tove Lo play a gig in London's London (more on that another time). But, before I hurtle, her are three brand new videos that caught my attention...

1) Clean Bandit - Extraordinary
Following up their number one smash Rather Be, Clean Bandit stick to the house music + string quartet script on Extraordinary. The video is delightfully silly.

2) Mapei - Don't Wait
Mapei is a Rhode Island-born, Stockholm-based singer who used to share a flat with Lykke Li. Don't worry, though, this isn't a borderline suicidal pop dirge. In fact, it's an utterly gorgeous, rhythmically diverse love song. Or, in Mapei's own words, "a hip-hop beat with some nice singing over it."

3) Icona Pop - On A Roll
The further away we get from I Love It, the more it begins to seem like a fluke. But Icona Pop really don't deserve to go down in history as one hit wonders: Their "This Is..." album has more spunk and vigour than all of The Saturdays back catalogue put together. I'm not sure On A Roll is the song to set the duo back on track, but the spilt-screen video is just about worth three minutes of your life.

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