Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two amazing things happened on Radio 1 last night while you were watching Secret Eaters

1) Zane Lowe made Tove Lo's Habits the hottest record in the world.

In case you hadn't noticed, we're obsessed with Tove Lo (you can read about that obsession here and here) and now it seems Zane Lowe agrees.

Last night, he made her song Habits his "hottest record in the world", correctly describing it as "incredibly special". He also revealed that the proper pronunciation of Tove Lo's name is "Toe-vuh Low".

Toe-vuh was on the phone during the show, and declared she'd written her album in a Scandinavian "dungeon". You can hear the chat on the Radio 1 website, and watch the brand new video for Habits below...

If you love as much as we do, why not head over to iTunes, where you can download it as part of Toe-vuh's Truth Serum EP.

Tove Lo - Habits

2) Banks covered an old Aaliyah song

The other obsession we're harbouring at Discopop Towers is Creme Eggs LA soul singer Banks. Everything she touches literally turns to gold. That makes tying shoelaces impossible - but luckily she can just turn some paper into gold and use that to hire a shoelace-tying slave. Result.

She popped up on Phil and Alice's "Live Lounge Late" to perform her new single, Brain, and a cover of Aaliyah's unimpeachable Are You That Somebody. The full performance is available on Radio 1 - but Banks has helpfully snipped out the Aaliyah bit with her gold-plated scissors and bunged it up on Soundcloud.

Good for you, licence fee payers. Good for you.

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