Monday, March 31, 2014

Ora-cular Spectacular

Exciting times: Rita Ora, aka "The Blonde Rihanna" aka "the most mystifying Pyramid Stage booking of all time", has returned with a new single from her second album. Produced by Calvin Harris (how 2011) it's a confident comeback, if rather slight on the tune front.

Built around a digitally degraded guitar riff, I Will Never Let You Down showcases Calvin's instinct for pop dynamics, with a cute, syncopated verses that burst into life for the hook. While inferior singers would try to match that exuberance measure for measure, Rita is canny enough to reign in her vocals and be carried along by the music.

It's subtler than you're used to on a Calvin song, but it's the sort of track that'll float to the surface of your conciousness after a couple of plays on Radio 1.

The video, which has just "gone live" was directed by Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, who previously helmed Beyoncé's Jealous. It is quite 80s, in the same way that Boy George in a Global Hypercolor T-shirt would be quite 80s.

Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down

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