Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Zealand sounds like a bloody miserable place if their pop stars are anything to go by

New Zealand! Beaches! Vineyards! Hobbits! Bungee Jumping! Glaciers! Tectonic Plates! How could anyone living in a land of such plentiful beauty ever feel down in the dumps?

No-one knows but, heavens above, Kiwi pop stars are a miserable bunch.

Take, for example, this example.

Broods - Never Gonna Change

Broods (pictured above, staring into an abyss) are brother-sister duo Caleb and Georgia Nott. He is 21, she is 19. But instead of drinking barrels of party wine and living on a diet of biscuits, they're documenting the sort of suffocating, protracted break-up most of us don't experience until we're at least 27.

They sound like a barrel of laughs, don't they?

The band are curently touring the UK with Haim, and have been in cahoots with songwriter Joel Little. He's the guiding hand behind fellow Kiwi miseryguts Lorde who, coincidentally, also premiered a new track today.

The Brit Award-winner has added her spooky vocal stylings to Easy, a stormy electro track by New York's Son Lux. The result is eerie and beautiful, but it's no Into The Groove, is it?

And let's not forget fun-merchants The Naked And Famous, whose most recent single is a heartwrenching song about the death of singer Alisa Xayalith's mother ("Why couldn't we save you?" she pleads).

Naturally, the video is set at a funeral.

The Naked And Famous - I Kill Giants


Maybe a little too intense. So let's deploy the Flight Of The Conchords, New Zealand's first defence against glum.

There we go. All better now.

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