Monday, March 3, 2014

Must-see video: Jungle - Busy Earnin'

It's a brave music video that starts with a single 30-second zoom on a static group of people in a deserted sports hall. But the promo for Jungle's new single Busy Earnin' isn't your average promo. The director only changes shot 12 times in the course of the video. By comparison, Katy Perry's Roar has 12 cuts in its first 25 seconds.

The camera can afford to linger because of the eye-popping choreography - performed by an unidentified, 12-piece dance crew. They're a shade more professional than Haim in their latest video, but no less enjoyable to watch.

Simple but smart, Busy Earnin' follows two similarly brilliant clips for Platoon (starring an 8-year-old B-Girl) and The Heat (breakdancers on roller skates). And those three clips embody literally everything we know about Jungle - save that they're a duo from London, called J and T, who swell to a seven-strong funk outfit when they play live.

Still, their music is the bees knees and you'll be buzzing after you watch this*.

Jungle - Busy Earnin'

* Sorry

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