Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lykke Li: No Rest For The Wicked

Swedish pop miserablist Lykke Li unveiled (played) her new single No Rest For The Wicked on 6 Music this morning. The Guardian has already called it a "chest-clencher", which makes it sound like a dramatic, arrhythmic cardiac episode - but if you must employ a death metaphor, I'd say it was like suffocating slowly under a pillow.

Here's Lykke's explanation of the song, ripped direct from the record company press release: "I wrote it in Sweden when I was packing up my shit (she means stuff) and I'd just gotten out of a relationship and it was a horrible time. I just had the hurt, shame, sadness, guilt, longing. The vocal track, the take, is the demo. In the verse, I'm referring to myself pleading guilty but I'm referring to all of us."

Best avoid it if you're down in the dumps, then.

Lykke Li - No Rest For The Wicked

PS: It's nice to see the video was inspired by a 1972 BBC TV ident. More of this, please.

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