Monday, March 10, 2014

Lily Allen's big night out

Vexatious pop singer Lily Allen has turned in (another) new video, and this time it's set in the back of a taxi. The song it services is Our Time, a ditty about a night out on the tiles, which somehow manages to rhyme "Rizlas" with "business".

Like Air Balloon and Hard Out Here before it, the single is barely there - a flimsy nursery rhyme of a tune. What redeems it is the way Lily contrasts the wistful, minor-key arrangement with her "having it large" lyrics. It's a surprisingly effective trick.

But what really prompted me to write about the song is the video. Not only does it feature Lily dressed as a hotdog and doing a very convincing hiccup, it also appears to be based on the infamous paparazzi shots of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears on a night out.

No-one ever explains why this is happening, of course. Is Lily mocking the hollow existence of "fallen" pop stars, or is she sympathising with them? Is the video saying, we all have nights like this, whether rich or poor. Or is she just having a go with the dressing up box?

I'm flummoxed - but hopefully the video will help you make up your own mind.

Lily Allen - Our Time

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