Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jennifer Lopez has made a single

Pop's least essential megastar, Jennifer Lopez, is back, Back, BACK!

For the uninitiated, Jennifer Lopez is known for two things: (A) Having a bottom and (B) Being from a block. She's not as well known for her music, though, is she? Go on, see if you can name a Jennifer Lopez song this instant. No pausing. No hesitating.

Did you get one? (Jenny From The Block doesn't count because I mentioned it already.)

How about now?

Even writing this piece, the best I could come up with was "Something something ft Pitbull*". Maybe Wikipedia can help fill in the gaps? Ah yes, who can forget such era-defining hits as Louboutins, or Qué Hiciste or I'm Real (Murder Remix)?

But every so often, J-Lo stumbles across a proper pop stonker - like Waiting For Tonight or Dance Again - and it seems she might just have done it again. Her new single is called (and I am not making this up) I Luh Ya Papi. Produced by Detail (Drunk In Love) it's sleek and sexy and fun, and the rapper mentions Jenny From The Block, just so you know who it's by.


Jennifer Lopez - I Luh ya Papi

NB: Pitbull is pop's second least essential megastar

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