Friday, February 21, 2014

Katy Perry's Dark Horse video is neither dark nor full of horses

Fresh from her Egyptian-themed Brits performance, Katy Perry has unleashed the Egyptian-themed video for her US Number One single Dark Horse. Let me hear you say "brand consistency".

As you might expect, the production values are through the roof and, in keeping with her "pop star of the people" persona, Katy keeps the tone light and comedic (apart from the highly disturbing cat-men).

If you peer amid these photos. There's no de-nile that Katy is Pharoah than your average pop star [you’re fired – puns editor]

Hieroglyph hair.
"Interestingly" the two symbols mean God (the triangle) and Royal Power (the Eye of Horus)

What a lovely pair of Nefertitis. [you're still fired - puns editor]

Those ancient Egyptian robes are a nightmare for static.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Katy Perry-grine Falcon? [oh, I give up - puns editor]

You know, those Fish Fingers just don't look right.

Ouch. Just ouch.

Here is the video in full. Without the puns, for which I apologise unreservedly.

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