Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kanye West's career-spanning medley

Standing under a flickering light-bulb, Kanye West performed a medley of his biggest hits (and Mercy) on Seth Meyers freshly-minted US chat show last night. The a capella verse of Stronger is the obvious highlight, but the whole thing is exceptional.

It makes you imagine how good a Kanye Hits album would be. He could call it Yeezus Talks. Or The Kanye Westboro Baptist Church Hymnal and Psalmery. Or maybe even "Your Apartment Is Too Nice To Listen To Rap In."

Here's the performance in full, plus a couple of interview clips, in which Kanye talks about having synaesthesia, writing a sketch for SNL, and wanting to make marble sculptures (because why not?). Despite your expectations and preconceptions, he actually comes across as funny and personable and definitely not daft as a brush.

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