Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And so it begins...

Rock's favourite whipping boys Coldplay are back with a new song which is, GASP, not entirely bollocks.

Plinky-plonky atmospherics and hushed vocals are the order of the day, as Chris Martin implores "In the darkness, 'fore the dawn / Something something the light on". Possibly. It's hard to tell. His lyrics are practically indecipherable, thanks to multi-layered harmonies and a squashy talkbox effect that pushes his vocals deep underwater.

The end result is a cross between Sigur Ros and Bon Iver, with an unexpected nod to Color Me Badd in the coda (ok, I made that last bit up).

Coldplay - Midnight

The song heralds Coldplay's forthcoming sixth album, about which we know very little. There's a potential clue in the timing of the video release - which the band specifically uploaded at midnight, Mongoloian time. We should find out more when they play the iTunes Festival at SXSW on 11 March.

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