Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is YouTube trying to tell us about Foxes?

Just now, I clicked on the new video from Foxes – the pop singer with Disney Princess eyes – and look at the advert YouTube placed beneath it:

As we all know, Google uses a complex system of algorithms and user profiling to serve adverts, so it's definitely aware I have a full head of hair (and thank God for that - because when I had childhood chicken pox I only picked at the scabs on my head, thanks to the naïve delusion I'd never go bald).

So that leaves three possible explanations:

1) Foxes is a man in a wig, and the advert is targeted at her
2) 92% of Foxes fans are middle-aged pervs with male-pattern baldness
3) Google is broken

Whatever the reason, it doesn't stop the song from being a smasher. Let Go For Tonight is mid of tempo, but lofty of chorus. Bung in a dramatic string section, thunderous percussion and an unexpected tempo change in the middle 8 and you have a pop classic in the making.

The video, on the other hand, features a terrible waste of flan.

Foxes - Let Go For Tonight

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