Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shameless link bait (pt 726)

Every month, this website gets about 1,200 clicks from people who've Googled the term "Ellie Goulding naked". They all end up on this page, which contains a photo of (*gasp*) Ellie Goulding's bare shoulders from the Hanging On video.

So imagine the explosion in sticky fingers now that Ellie has done a topless-but-tasteful photoshoot for Marie Claire?

It's all in aid of her re-released Halcyon Days album (a rare occurrence of a repackage improving on the original) and the forthcoming single Goodness Gracious which, disappointingly, isn't a raved-up cover of the Peter Sellers classic.

Marie Claire have published an excerpt from their article in which they ask Ellie about playing at the Royal Wedding, which is an amazing scoop since no-one else has bothered to mention that in any of the approximately 25,300 interviews Ellie has done in the last 18 months.

You can read her response here ("it was beautiful"), or you can just perv over these photos, which I'm including in a flagrant attempt to inflate my page views purely for archival purposes.

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