Monday, January 6, 2014

New pop discovery: Broods

It's almost three weeks since happy-go-lucky pop jester Lorde released a new song, and I was suffering acute withdrawal symptoms until I stumbled across another New Zealand act with a similarly cheery outlook on pop.

They're called Broods - and never has a band name been so appropriate. Georgia Nott and her brother Caleb make moody, lonesome ballads with choruses that soar uncertainly, like a wounded eagle. "You're pushing down on my shoulders and emptying my lungs," Georgia sings on the gorgeous / desolate new Soundcloud track Never Gonna Change, while minor key synths stutter all around her.

The duo have been working closely with songwriter Joel Little - the guiding hand behind Lorde's Royals - and recently signed to Polydor. The Lorde comparison "has come up quite a bit, but I kind of expected that," Georgia told Billboard last year.

"It's impossible not to be in awe of her or be influenced by her in some way, but we have to build our own identity outside of 'Lorde and the rest of New Zealand music.'"

Have a listen to their first two songs below, then take a look at Caleb's new moustache and wonder how long it'll take the label to have a "quiet word" in his ear.

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