Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Disclosure music keeps coming

You don't hear it much these days but one of Disclosure's first tracks, back in 2011, was a sublime and funky remix of Q-Tip's Work It Out.

Since then, the brothers Lawrence have largely steered clear of rap, even though it would seem a perfect fit for their luminous house grooves. Until today, that is, when they turned up as the producers on a new track by 17-year-old NYC rap prodigy Bishop Nehru.

A dreamy old-school "jam", You Stressin recalls the jazzier bits of Q-Tip and Common's back catalogue. In other words, it's dead good.

Meanwhile, the band have been in the US selling deep house back to the Americans. Here is a very watchable performance of Latch with bequiffed pop warbler Samuel Smith.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Disclosure have been busy in the recording studio with Mary J Blige. She's redoing Howard's vocals on F For You (poor Howard) presumably for a US release. It's coming out tomorrow, but they put a preview clip of the song in this horrible Facebook "module":

What's that? Have they scribbed all over Mary J's face with a Tipp-Ex pen? Of course they have.

UPDATE: Here is the full video for the Mary J Bligey version of F For You. Sounds like a lost C + C Music Factory b-side.

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