Monday, January 20, 2014

Kylie's Into The Blue is a great pop comeback

Kylie Minogue's new single Into The Blue leaked on Sunday, a week before its official radio premiere. The song was being posted everywhere yesterday afternoon and then, just as suddenly, it started coming down again this morning. Nothing says "I'm back" like a cease and desist letter.

While it lasted, Into The Blue was exactly what Kylie promised: "A euphoric return to the dance floor". Here's why.

1) If you're going to write a proper pop song, then you need at least three choruses. Into The Blue contains, at a conservative estimate, five.

2) The first one comes right at the beginning of the song and it goes "Ey-yo-oh-oh-oh". Coincidentally, this is also the sound of Gloria Estefan's Rhythm Is Gonna Get You sung by a donkey.

3) For your entertainment, the verses are ripped straight from Katy Perry's book of mixed metaphor self-help mantras. "I'm not ashamed of all my mistakes, cause through the coals you'll get the fire burning," sings Kylie (??)

4) It all goes quiet for a couple of bars before the chorus explodes like a supernova. A flawless deployment of pop dynamics, ladies and gentlemen.

5) Rhymes "wall" with "miracle".

6) In the post-chorus, Kylie suddenly sprouts wings and takes off for the heavens. "Into the ballooo-ooo" she trills, gliding through the clouds like a hot-panted gazelle.

7) It's all over in 3'43" - scientifically-proven to be the perfect duration for a pop song.

So well done Kylie, and well done Kelly Sheehan, who wrote it (as well as Beyonce's Grown Woman and Rita Ora's This Is How We Do) because that's how you put together a comeback single.

At the time of writing, you can still hear Into The Blue on this Spanish blog. It's officially out in March, and the video, which was shot earlier this month, should be with us very soon. Here's a blurry screengrab from Kylie's Instagram account.

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