Friday, December 13, 2013

Songs you may have missed: A Beyonce goes "boo" special

Damn you, Beyonce, for leaping out from behind a curtain and putting a new album on iTunes while I was on the bus to work. I can't download 17 videos on a 3G connection, you know. What sort of price plan do you think I'm on over here?

So now I'm stuck in the office watching 30-second YouTube clips of your presumed masterpiece, while everyone else is saying "I like the one where she flips her hair". I want to see the hair flipping, too. What a disaster.

Anyway, here is a playlist of those clips for the similarly iTunes-deprived, and some other songs you may have missed over the last seven days.

1) Beyonce - Beyonce video collection
See above. She's so pretty.

2) Lorde - No Better
Remember when Lorde sang "I can be your Queen Bee" and everyone thought it was a sly dig at Beyonce? Well, what are they going to say now she's released a surprise new single, hours after Beyonce's album dropped? Naughty Girl [wait - isn't that the name of a Beyonce track too? Damn!]

No Better appeared on iTunes this morning and, to be honest, is better than some of the stuff on Lorde's debut album. As woozy and drowsy as it was unexpected.

3) Tinie Tempah - Lover Not A Fighter
The best song by far on Tinie's second album, Demonstration, the cracking Lover Not A Fighter sounds exactly like Discovery-era Daft Punk (in particular, the breakdown from Digital Love).

Lyrically, it finds Mr Okogwu on top comedy form, rapping about how he went from sitting "on the settee eating a tin of spaghetti" to sleeping with his old teacher, the perv.

4) Daft Punk - Instant Crush
This is the Daft Punk one where Julian Casablancas from The Strokes does his best Metal Mickey impression.

One of my favourite songs on Random Access Memories, the video is a rather underwhelming riff on Night At The Museum, with Julian not really sure how to reconcile his rock star moves with the fragile melancholy robot larynx.

5) Britney Spears - Perfume
Basically, the only track worth downloading from the new Britney Spears smash album (in with a bullet at number 34).

Fun fact: Perfume is written by Sia.

6) Lea Michelle - Cannonball
Damien Rice floated like a cannonball. Now Lea Michelle (out of Glee) flies like a cannonball. I don't think they're that familiar with cannonballs.

Fun fact: Cannonball is written by Sia.

7) Ella Eyre - Love Me Like You
Another track from Ella's forthcoming Deeper EP, this one is produced by smoking-hot London producers Two Inch Punch. Like the title track, Love Me Like You is a subdued smoky take on the sound she perfected with Rudimental. Or, as The Fader put it, like Cee-Lo got Lauryn Hill to sing on a garage track.

Right, that's your lot. I'm off to see if I can find a forgiving wifi connection.

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