Monday, December 9, 2013

Say Lou Lou have made a stunning video for Better In The Dark

I mentioned Say Lou Lou and their epic Scandipop single Better In The Dark last month. Now, with the 30th December release date fast approaching, they have made a video to go with it.

According to the press release says, the clip "explores the bands' darker side and comes across like a fantastically stylish b-movie". Ignoring the misplaced apostrophe, the sentence translates as: "We took lingering shots of people draped across each other in the aftermath of an epic party. Plus mirrors. Lots and lots of mirrors".

I'm pretty sure hangovers aren't as glamorous as the band are making out, but the gorgeous photography perfectly evokes their single's aching melancholy: "It feels better in the dark / I feel closer to your heart, nothing can come between us".

Top marks all round.

Say Lou Lou - Better In The Dark

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