Tuesday, December 10, 2013

People really like Duke Dumont's new single

This is popping up everywhere today, so allow me to join the deafening chorus of applause for blurry-faced dance producer Duke Dumont and his new single I Got U.

Following up the Grammy-nominated Need U (100%) Duke (if that is in fact his name) ramps up the house vibes with a chunky piano riff that - just about - gets away with stealing the chord sequence from Daft Punk's One More Time. It also features steel drums. Steel drums!

Here's what other people had to say:

:: "Radio-friendly and iPod-worthy" [The Frontliner]

:: "Almost certainly going to be a massive hit." [Harderbloggerfaster]

:: "Duke Dumont is on an absolute killing spree right now" [the hopefully euphemistic Purple Sneakers]

:: "Sounds like something out of the Lion King" [Will Howath on Soundcloud]

:: "It's got some Whitneyisms in it" [Popjustice - noting the sample from My Love Is Your Love around the 1'00" mark]

:: "He's riding the pop gravy train, and good for him." [Pump The Beat]

:: "I love this guy wish I cold ser him live in concert." [A YouTube User]

The song premiered on Annie Mac's Radio One show, which is why the "radio rip" below features about two minutes of dicking about before you get to hear the full song. Annoying, but worth it.

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