Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Must listen: Foxes - Holding On To Heaven

With Youth going to number 12 earlier this month, professional Zooey Deschanel impersonator Foxes has cleared the "featured artist" hurdle and established herself as a fully-fledged solo artist.

This is good news, because her solo album has been sitting around for a while waiting for a good excuse to release it. The singer gave an enlightening interview on the subject to Fiasco in October, saying: "I'm really grateful I've been allowed to have this slow burn because it's made me so more prepared. If I'd put the album out last year I would have freaked out and shaved all my hair off."

She continued: "There was definitely a feeling at some point of people looking at it and thinking it should be a pop album, or go down that route because Clarity did so well, but I definitely stood my ground and said absolutely not."

"I do consider it a pop album," she clarified, "but it's not shamelessly mainstream."

So there you have it.

While we wait for the album to arrive in Q1 next year, Foxes has released a lyric video for her "baby, please don't go" power ballad Holding On To Heaven. Shot during a promo trip to New York City last month, it's got a stadium-sized chorus and an amazing arms-aloft breakdown in the middle 8. Surprisingly, for such a strong song, it's not even pencilled in to be her next single: That would be Let Go For Tonight, which is out on 23rd February.

If you're jettisoning this sort of material as a buzz track, imagine how great the album is going to be. IMAGINE.

Foxes - Holding On To Heaven

NB: Holding On To Heaven is now available as a free download on iTunes. Yippee!

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