Monday, December 16, 2013

Here is a new video for Chloe Howl's Rumour

"I'm really struggling to picture a world where I listen to anything other than BEYONCÉ from now on," wrote Chloe Howl on Twitter two days ago.

While I'm inclined to agree, you should utilise any downtime to watch Chloe's new video for Rumour. As mentioned before in these hallowed corridors, it's a smart, narrative song about being wary of gossip, and why young people should be allowed to make mistakes. It's sung by a woman in a bow tie, so presumably it's based on experience.

After her recent nomination for the Brits Critics' Choice award, Chloe's given the track a fresh lick of paint (and added some nice new synth parts, for good measure). There's a video too, which is what The Hunger Games would look like, if The Hunger Games was set during a chess tournament which it isn't but what of it?

Chloe Howl - Rumour

Rumour is out in the new year, release date fans.

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