Monday, November 25, 2013

Gaga and R Kelly conquer AMAs

Last night, Lady Gaga and R Kelly pulled off a brilliant, White House-themed performance of Do What You Want at the American Music Awards. A million miles away from the cringeworthy dry humping of their SNL show a week ago, it was spectacular, funny, and filled with pathos.

Note to pop stars: This is everything you want from an Awards Show performance. And, I'd argue, the first decent bit of promo Gaga's done for ARTPOP.

The rest of the American Music Awards were a bit dull, to be honest. Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake got most of the awards, and the performances were almost exclusively "the slow ones".

Katy Perry did a pretty but unspectacular Geisha version of Unconditionally; One Direction sang their ballad and TLC reminded us how bad choreography was in the 90s by revisiting Waterfalls.

Shy and retiring pop singer Rihanna did an admittedly impressive rock-orchestra version of Diamonds (with a neat nod to Diamonds Are Forever at the climax).

Oh, and Miley Cyrus performed Wrecking Ball alongside a lip-syncing kitten.

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