Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Superb, free Ellie Goulding remix

Today's track is a magical, heart-wrenching MP3 from Ellie Goulding and Active Child. Here's a 15-point history of how it came to be.

1) A man called Pat Grossi (top right, ginger) learns to play the harp

2) Pat changes his name to Active Child and makes an album of plinky-plonky indie

3) It gets great reviews but is bought by approximately seven people

4) One of those people is "Starry Eyed" chanteuse Ellie Goulding (top left, woolly jumper)

5) Ellie gets to track two and thinks "Oh, I quite like this song"

6) Ellie decides to cover Hanging On for a laugh

7) It ends up setting the direction for her second album, Halcyon

8) She calls it "the beginning of my new journey", like an X Factor contestant

9) Then Tinie Tempah ruins everything by "contributing" a rap about his indigestion medication

10) Active Child is impressed enough with the non Tinie-Tempah bits of to record a duet with Ellie

11) It is called Silhouette and is replete with surging strings, ghostly harmonies and a tooting clarinet

12) After it appears on an EP, Californian knob-twiddlers Shoe Scene Symphony get their hands on the song and tart it up with a wheelbarrow full of synths

13) It sounds like it should be on the Hunger Games soundtrack

14) Instead, they make it available as a free download

15) "et voila"

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