Monday, October 14, 2013

New from Prince and Janelle Monae

I'm still waiting for Janelle Monae and Prince to give their sublime duet, Givin 'Em What They Love, a proper release - just for the thrill of seeing them perform together. Until then, I have to content myself with their respective solo singles. (Which is totally fine, by the way.)

Prince continues his pattern of one-off releases with Breakfast Can Wait, a jazzy ballad that recalls his Rainbow Children album (musically) and his predilection with doing sex on ladies (lyrically).

He's hired a female impersonator to play his role in the video because... well, he's Prince.

Prince - Breakfast Can Wait

Janelle, meanwhile, releases the other big duet from her Electric Lady album. Primetime is a sumptuous love tussle with Miguel, with a fantastic line about being so infatuated they "won't even write a song".

The track – and the guitar solo in particular – are VERY Princely. He's not credited with playing on the song but it's either him or someone is doing an incredible impression. Superb stuff.

Janelle Monae - Primetime (ft Miguel)

PS: Janelle's interview on collaborating with Prince is worth a quick read. "He's a mentor to me," she told Billboard. "He took me on tour with him. It was very organic for us to work together, but I know he does not collaborate with everybody that he performs with, and I don't take that for granted."

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