Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Here's the best Whitney Houston cover you'll hear this week

Today's big song comes from Postiljonen - a Norwegian dream-pop trio, who sound like Saint Etienne played at 33rpm (ask your dad).

Comprised of Mia Brox Bøe, Joel Nyström Holm and Daniel Sjörs, they're named after an archaic Swedish word for postman or messenger (most Swedes use "Brevbärare" nowadays). "We just liked the way it sounds," Mia told this website. "Not too happy about the translation in English, though, cos we’re no postmen, we are Postiljonen".

The band's debut album, Skyer, came out earlier this year to excellent reviews. If you're a fan of Daughter or London Grammar, its a perfect companion piece - with Mia's sweeping, breathy melodies soaring on the thermals created by the band's hazy synth atmospherics.

Anyway, I promised you a Whitney Houston cover so here it is: All That We Had Is Lost, Postiljonen's down-tempo, marimba-powered new single, which lifts the verses of Whitney's How Will I Know, transposes them to a minor key, and embellishes them with a mournful saxophone solo.

It's a lot better than I've made it sound.

Posiljonen - All That We Had Is Lost

Recorded shortly after Whitney's untimely death in 2012, All That We Had Is Lost is Postiljonen's tribute to the 'My Name Is Not Susan' hitmaker. "I really do love her," Mia noted.

If you like the official version, you should also try out the Keep Shelly in Athens remix, which pushes the autmunal song into the chilly depths of winter. Brrr.

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