Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Drake unveils shooty bang bang Hold On video

Drake's Hold On We're Going Home is by far the best thing he's recorded, which is a strange thing to say given that it sounds exactly like every other Drake single ever released. But there's something about those dreamy synths and barely-there vocals that just works this time around.

The video popped up online last night, and it's a seven-minute, Miami Vice-inspired, crime-ridden, gun-toting kidnap-and-revenge tale [that's quite enough, hyphenation ed]. Drake, who started off his career in Degrassi Junior High discussed the clip with MTV News thus:

"Bill Pope, who directed The Matrix1, directed the video. Basically it's a video full of acting2 because I'm dying to get back into acting.

"I based it off of some of the old Michael Jackson videos like Moonwalker3. So it's sort of exciting, violent a little and scary a little4."

1) The Wachowski Brothers directed The Matrix.
2) Mostly people firing guns.
3) Moonwalker was a film, not a video.
4) About as scary as a Calippo.

Petty gripes aside, this is a visually-stunning mini movie. Worth watching full-screen with a bag of popcorn.

Drake - Hold On We're Going Home

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