Thursday, August 8, 2013

What does YouTube have against Jessie J?

I've just watched the new Jessie J video (it's my job, ok?) and here's the advert Google's crack team of analysts felt would be most appropriate to accompany the experience.


Mind you, if you find J-J-J-Jessie J irritating, this song is going to feel like a massive prickly outbreak of hives all over your privates. It's addressed to "the haters" (oh, Jesus) and contains such lyrical treats as "You think I tweet too much. I don’t care".

The overall gist seems to be "if you dislike me so much, why not ignore me instead of spending your time writing rude messages?" To which the response is surely, "if you really don't care about other people's criticisms, why are you writing an entire song about them?"

But the most annoying thing about It's My Party is that, if you can ignore the lyrics, it's actually really catchy.

Damn you, Jessie J. Damn you to hell.

Jessie J - It's My Party

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