Monday, August 19, 2013

Things to love about the new MKS video

Hello Mutya! Hello Keisha! Hello Siobhan! Hello spinny man in white trousers!

Filmed in LA last month and debuted on YouTube late last night, here at long last is the inaugural video by resurrected Sugaband MKS. It's not going to win any awards for innovation - basically it's just three girls pissing about in front of a camera - but there are some moments to cherish. "EG":

:: MKS standing in front of a wall
:: MKS sitting on top of a wall
:: MKS not riding a bicycle
:: MKS stumbling down a sand dune
:: MKS clapping half-heartedly
:: MKS dancing half-heartedly
:: Siobhan's not-a-skirt
:: Mutya's flagrant disregard for car safety
:: A dog on a skateboard
:: Er...
:: That's it.

NB: The song is still gorgeous.

MKS - Flatlines

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