Monday, August 26, 2013

The MTV awards in gifs, pics, a vine, a soundbite and a video

Justin Timberlake was the big winner at last night's VMAs but nobody watches it for the awards, do they? Here are the best bits in "this video has been removed due to a copyright claim from Viacom Ltd" form.

Lady Gaga glued her eyes open by accident.

But her multi-wigged performance of "Applause" was a triumph.

Even if the dancers looked a little confused at the end of it.

Pharrell cycled to work.

The rest of Daft Punk probably arrived on a spaceship -
but they failed to perform or win any awards :(

In fact, Get Lucky inexplicably lost best song of the summer to One Direction.

Taylor "shut the fuck up" Swift was not amused. And she wasn't the only one...

One Direction were loudly booed as they took their prize.
Which led to Lady Gaga giving them an exceptionally cute pep talk backstage.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus did this sort of thing a lot.

And showed how she failed her interview to be a London 2012 Games Maker.

The Smith family were distinctly unimpressed by the hoedown throwdown.

Robin Thicke managed to be an even bigger sleaze than ever.

Rihanna looked thrilled just to be part of it all.

Kanye West performed in the dark.

TLC reunion!!

Justin Timberlake basically got to perform his own concert.

Which included this incredible N*Sync moment.

...As well as this one.

Taylor Swift seemed to enjoy this one.

Katy Perry closed the show by skipping under the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was the most traditional performance of the night...

...But it chose a theme, stuck to it, and didn't fall back on gimmicks or nudity.
Well done, Katy.


So that's the awards "in full". They're on MTV UK later tonight, and pretty much every other night until the end of the month. If you don't have time to sit through it all (there's a performance from Drake, FYI) the best bit is Justin's mind-blowing 15-minute hits medley, which incorporates Led Zeppelin's Kashmir and Rapper's Delight, amongst other thing. It's incredible.

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