Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One week off: What happened?

:: All of Lady Gaga's clothes fell off.

:: Katy Perry burnt her blue wig and buried her California Gurls costume in a series of promos for her new single, Roar. Because what everyone wants is a serious and mature Katy Perry "project".

:: Louis Walsh quit the X Factor. Maybe he's bringing back Bellefire.

:: All of Lady Gaga's clothes fell off.

:: MGMT came back with the least uplifting single you'll hear all summer called, naturally, "Your Life Is A Lie". Bonkers video ahoy.

:: The Sugababes maybe probably split up, they think. Or possibly not. Who knows?

:: The Origibabes made their live comeback. There are videos everywhere (Popjustice has a great write-up) - but this one is the best: The band are singing Stronger and at 2'10", when everyone assumes Mutya will perform Heidi's lines, Siobhan steps up to the mic and the crowd go mental.

:: Noted scholar Tulisa Contostavlos has written her debut novel. Star is a violently cathartic story about the abduction of a cabinet minister's daughter during a state visit to Israel. The stakes are raised when Hamas claim responsibility - but counter-terrorism agent Sam Archer thinks otherwise, and must work against the clock to avert a disastrous conflict in the Middle East.

:: Oh, alright. It's about a girl who struggles with fame.

:: Lady Gaga finally put her "pants" (trousers) on, and then her arm fell off at the elbow.

:: Justin Timberlake and his carefully-cultivated facial hair made a video for Take Back The Night. He spends a lot of time crouching in this clip, as if he's hurt his back lifting a heavy book from a tall shelf. Poor Justin.

:: PJ Harvey released a new, free song named after and dedicated to Shaker Aamer, a British national who's been held in Guantanamo Bay for 11 years, despite being cleared for release by both George Bush and Barack Obama. It's quite powerful.

:: Lady Gaga revealed the entirely boob-free cover for her ArtPop album. Disappointing.

And that's all... Normal blog service will resume tomorrow.

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