Friday, August 9, 2013

Basment Jaxx shake their pants

Basement Jaxx must be kicking themselves that they didn't plan their comeback to launch before the Daft Punk universal robot takeover disco party. But it's nice to have them back, even if no-one's really paying that much attention.

Their new single, What A Difference Your Love Makes, has more uplift than a Wonderbra, and the sun-scorched video is a joy to watch.

Filmed in Alexandra, Johannesburg, it contains some stunning pantsula dancing, originally an anti-apartheid style in which "each person performs a solo turn within a circle of dancers doing a repetitive, shuffling step" (or so says the Oxford Dictionary). It's better than that makes it sound.

Watch below. The single is out on 30 September.

Basement Jaxx - What A Difference Your Love Makes

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