Monday, July 22, 2013

Video: Lissie - Further Away (Romance Police)

"Does anyone love anyone any more?"

Wow. There are sad songs and there are bleak songs, and then there's this, the latest single from Lissie, which is the sound your soul makes when it's punctured by a rusty nail of betrayal and slowly deflates.

Seriously, is there a more desolate lyric than that? Does anyone love anyone any more? How disillusioned with humanity do you have to be to write something like that? It can only mean one thing: Lissie just watched an Adam Sandler film.

But there's a fine and noble tradition in pop of disguising really sad words with really happy tunes; and this is no exception. There's a bunch of wide open guitar chords and sing-song backing vocals that balance out Lissie's hoarsely-delivered anguish.

Then, right at the end, she breaks out a screeching guitar solo that makes you want to stand, legs spread, on the top of a mountain, fighting off ninjas and tossing your hair like Beyonce.

Because there's still no better way to get over your boyfriend snogging someone else than a massive musical STUFF YOU.

Lissie - Further Away (Romance Police)

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