Monday, July 8, 2013

Rizzle Kicks do a single

Summer and Rizzle Kicks go together like two hands clapping. So what better time that the middle of a heatwave to unveil the band's latest single, Lost Generation? Picking up where Down With The Trumpets left off, this is a big old jazz hands hoedown, with a typically mellow chorus from Harley.

The boys premiered the single on Rrrradio One this morning, and admitted they'd been sitting on new material for nearly a year while they waited for the fuss over Mama Do The Hump to die down.

"Mother is an animal," said Jordan, "so it's been ages..."

"I just find it really frustrating, waiting around to release music" added Harley. "A year-and-a-half of Mama being played is quite frustrating."

"No it's not, the song is brilliant!" his partner disagreed. "It's one of these dilemmas you face as an artist, playing your own song loads.

"But I realised that when I watch artists perform live, I'm waiting for that big moment and they're probably like 'urgh, I have to play this again.'"

He described the new single as "an important move", adding: "Ultimately, people are listening to music we made when we were 19. Now we're 21 and it's a big jump."

"The second album is really good, actually," he added, with no perceivable hint of bias or shame. "I just hope we're still relevant."

To be honest, Lost Generation is striving so hard for relevancy it disappears up its own internet hole ("hashtag trend" is probably the most cringeworthy lyric of the year) but it's all delivered with such carefree joy that you forgive them. Just.

Rizzle Kicks - Lost Generation

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