Friday, July 5, 2013

Now that's what I call a time paradox

This morning, as I was flipping through my Now Music collection, I noticed something odd about Now 5 - aka the one with the pig.

Can you see it? Right there in the middle, where it used to say Howard "frightwig" Jones, it now says Ronika.

I guess I'm not surprised. Ronika's singles to date - including the excellent Automatic, Forget Yourself and Rough N Soothe - have all been masterclasses in 80s Discopop. So it only stands to reason that she's bought a DeLorean, built a time machine, stolen weapons-grade plutonium from a bunch of Libyan terrorists and nipped back to 1985 to get a recording contract.

The song that appeared on my Now album (and, yes, I am persisting with this ridiculous conceit) is called Search Siren. Perfect for side three, track four, it's a sultry slice of Eurodisco melodrama. "Please don't let this be over too soon," pleads Ronika over bubbling Moroder synths and a paper thin snare drum. The backing vocals frequently threaten to slip into Abba's Voulez Vous - but this heartbreaker is much more "morning-after-the-night-before" than the Swedes' disco classic.

Ronika says the track was "inspired by reading Asimov, guided by an Italian moustache and finally assembled together at night by the tears of an automaton worker". So now you know.

Listen / Download below.

Ronika's debut album is on it's way later this year. I think it'd be fair to say I can't wait...

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