Thursday, July 4, 2013

MKS get around to releasing Flatline


This just popped up on the official MKS Soundcloud page. It's a new-old-Sugababes moment of musical brilliance. Here's everything you need to know.

:: It is mid-tempo but it is not a ballad.

:: It has been described as "stadium-sized".

:: In other words: Tons of reverb.
:: Key dying-relationship lyric: "I can feel a flatline that ought to be a wave".

:: Flatline was produced by Devonté "Dev" Hynes - who did Solange's teriffic True EP.

:: There are backing vocals from indie also-rans Spector.

:: In marketing speak, it's a "first-look" single.

:: In normal language, it's the first taster of the album, but there'll be another single soon.

:: Although "soon" is a relative concept in the crazy world of MKS.

:: Basically, if we hear another song before the end of 2015, it'll be a miracle.

:: Tracks on the mythical debut album (or second album, depending on how you look at it) may or may not include
Drum and Love Me Hard (!)

:: The album will not have "huge hits" on it, according to Keisha.

:: Well, what she said was: "We turned down big songs that would be huge hits because they weren't right for the album", but "no hits" is the basic gist.

:: Flatline is very good indeed.

Get your chops around this. It's smashing.

PS: MKS will reveal more details of this long-gestating musical project in a Google Hangout at 6pm BST today. Sounds awful.

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