Monday, June 3, 2013

The return of Rizzle Kicks

Hooray! Everyone's favourite humpers are back with a brand new song that heralds their "sophomore" (second) album. The album is called The Roaring 20s, which is play on words, because the 1920s are commonly known as the Roaring 20s; and Rizzle Kicks have been having a lot of fun since they turned 20. As you can see, it works on several (two) levels.

The first single is similarly puntastic. Harvey and Jordan are rapping about the kerrrrazy antics they get up to when they're not busy being pop stars - noting after every one "that was classic". But - and this is the clever bit - they are rapping over a sample of ye olde jazz worlde muzick, which is also a "classic". Hilarious.

It's such a good joke, in fact, that Adam And Joe did it as a jingle on their 6 Music show in 2008.

Still, you can't be curmudgeonly about a Rizzle Kicks single. They're just so smashing and lovable, and this song is going to sound great in the sun.


Rizzle Kicks - That's Classic

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