Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Polica: More than a mere tiff

"A portrait of a woman as her own worst enemy," is how Polica introduce the video for their latest single, Tiff.

It's a horrifying, disturbing piece of work: Stephen King's Misery played out as a Freudian psychodrama (actually, Karen Horney is a more apt psychological touchstone than Freud, but if I called the video a Horney psychodrama you'd only get the wrong impression).

If you can stomach the brutal violence, it's a powerful piece of work - and one that really draws you into Channy Leaneagh's sinister lyrics.

Polica - Tiff (ft Justin Vernon of Bon Iver)

Fact corner: Tiff is out now. Polica's second album Shola Ama Shulamith follows in "The Fall". You can also catch them live in the UK with The xx and Solange (yippee!) at the Night And Day festival in Hertfordshire next weekend.

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