Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nina Nesbitt poetry contest

"I'm working in a retail store
It's not what I'm cut out for."

These are the opening lines of Nina Nesbitt's very good new single Way In The World - a song that captures a teenager's dogged desire to get on with being a proper adult with no curfews and a fridge of their very own.

It's a good couplet, but I wonder if it could be improved with a little more detail? Here are a few alternatives, provided free of copyright for Nina to use in her forthcoming concerts and televisual appearances.

"I'm working in a retail store.
The biscuits are in aisle four."

"A job in telesales have I,
Were you ever mis-sold PPI?"

"I'm working in a laundromat,
Some guy just tried to wash his cat."

"I'm glad to have a job today.
The economy's in disarray."

"My job is in a branch of Homebase.
I have a disdain for customers that borders on the psychopathic and my knowledge of our stock could be rivalled by that of a two-year-old. Do you have a Nectar card?"

Fair play, Nina, it's harder than it seems. If you think yo can do better, leave your effort in the comments (or on Twitter) and I'll send a personalised mix CD or something to the best one.

Way In The World is out on 22 July. The video is full of jolly seaside-based antics, as you can clearly see.

Nina Nesbitt - Way In The World

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